New Project - Eva Rose & The Bottom Line
After 3 years, former Brothers and Sisters members have come together to form an original project.

Featuring: Eva Rose Warner on lead vocals, Kelley Warner on drums, Ed Thrower on organ and keyboard, Stephen Lee on lead guitar, Daniel Akin on guitar and vocals and Jonathan Dorsey on bass. 

The band leans towards the soul revival, funk, and R&B genres that they know and love, but incorporates their modern style.
Zendrum Affiliation

Are you experienced? A big thank you to Zendrum Corporation and Inspector 109 for this beautiful flame maple ZX in a custom blue fade finish! I also recently had the pleasure of meeting Roy "Futureman" Wooten at Zendrum Headquarters.


This beautiful instrument will be with me on all of my gigs this year so make sure to ask me about it and check out the finish for yourself!


If you would like more information on what exactly a Zendrum is, or how to get one, check out:


New Songs Up On SoundCloud!


During 2014, I had the pleasure of working with some very talented musicians, Terry Lee and the GTs. We were able to record one of our live performances and through the hard work of Greg Quesnel, and David Haney, I'm able to share them with you via SoundCloud.


I will be releasing a few more from this performance as they become availiable, so make sure to subscribe to my various social media sites so you don't miss any debuts!